Where is the water?

May 26

Where is the water?

Where is the water?


My daughter has been an FFA member during her middle school and high school years. I am very impressed with this program because it develops responsibility and love for animals. We bought one goat, and now, five years later, we have four of them. They eat every day. There is no weekend break or holiday excuse. This is a shared adventure, and I have spent many quality “mother-daughter” hours at the farm.

This morning, I went to the farm to feed the goats. I noticed that there were school workers digging something at the end of the field. I started my routine, which includes changing the water. I turned the faucet on, but the water came out very slowly. Obviously, there was no enough pressure. I tried to open the faucet a little more. As a result, the water stopped completely. Now I had a problem.

I went to the workers to ask if they had something to do with this. They said that they were flushing some pipes, so the water was coming with less pressure. I needed water, though. They told me they would stop their work for five minutes so that I could finish my routine. I went back to check but nothing had changed. Now I was very frustrated. I went back again and told them that I couldn’t leave the goats without water for the entire day. The workers went to the main valve to check for the cause. They said that it should be fine.

I went to the buckets again, and there was still no water. I decided to check the faucet to see if I could open it a little more. I was sure that I opened it to the fullest extent.

What happened next Body Language Of Goats - Glorianna was mind blowing. The faucet was closed. Instead of opening it more, I had actually turned it off, and I had blamed the workers for my mistake.

Isn’t it the same in life? We turn off our source of abundance and happiness. Of course we are not aware of it. We think that we leave it wide open. When nothing is coming out, we turn around to blame others. It is much easier.

Blame is a great tool for temporary relief (feeling right, for example). Blaming others never solves any problems. On the contrary, it creates even more. I think it is much easier to check our faucet. We are the only ones that can turn it back on.

This morning I had a life changing lesson. I did not tell the workers about my blunder. I told them that it was finally working. They were under the impression that they fixed something.

It is all about little things. They often make you think big.

Covert Hypnosis: Where is the water?


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  1. simple yet true -thanks!

  2. Owning animals is such a wonderful preparation for the responsibilities of life. I am glad that you and your daughter have gotten to share this.
    Sonya Lenzo

  3. I get mad at myself when I do something like that. Much smarter to take the lesson and move on.

    Protect Your Elderly Parents From Falls
    Suzanne Laramore recently posted..Elderly Parents Not Eating?My Profile

  4. Hi Margarita,
    Simply a great post!
    Someone explained to blame is to B-Lame?
    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Help I’m a Caregiver?
    Annie Born recently posted..I Have A Dream 1 of 4My Profile

  5. It seems that life, like water, follows the path of least resistance.
    Be Well.
    Covert Hypnosis Online recently posted..Bringing ORDER……….My Profile

  6. Blaming others seems so much easier than looking at ourselves. I would rather make sure my source of abundance and happiness was turned on. Nice post.

    Wendy Schauer, Chiropractor, Author, Speaker
    Wendy Schauer recently posted..My Recent Interview – by, Lisa Wilcox – Local FoodieMy Profile