How To Connect Letters With Meaning

May 28

How To Connect Letters With Meaning

How To Connect Letters With Meaning

I wanted to write something meaningful today to express my feelings. It was an intense and frustrating process. My feelings waited to be manifested on paper. They were impatient to come out. But there was something like a bottleneck in my mind that did not allow the feelings to be released. I tried to relax by reading some of the books on my bookshelf. I waited for inspiration to come to me from some outside source but it never did.

Then I decided to go and explore the mechanics of this bottleneck. It was dry. I thought “Come on. This has to be simple. There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet. Just combine them differently and voila”!

When we write, we arrange words (and letters) automatically. We usually do not think about which letter to use (sometimes I do, because English is my second language). We are guided by our feelings. Hence, books originate not from the combination of letters and sounds but from feelings created by our imagination.

Following this logic, readers are excited by approximately the same feelings as the writers. Readers are able to depict characters, events, and emotions from a book even though quite a bit of time has gone by since they’ve read it. However, if they are asked to tell the sequence of the letters composing the characters and events, then they wouldn’t be able to recount anything.

Feelings are conveyed from one man to another with the help of all sorts of combinations of letters. Readers look at those combinations and forget them right away. However, the feelings and images remain to be remembered for a long time. If we link emotions and feelings directly to these marks on paper without thinking about any conventions, our minds will cause these marks to appear in just the right sequence and combinations so that any reader may feel the soul of the writer. If in the soul of the writer there was love to be conveyed, this is what the reader would feel.

Overall, my message for today is to never give up. If you fail, it does not matter. Failure is good because you have the opportunity to pick yourself up and continue. Successful people fail all the time. Mediocre people do not fail because they never take any action toward their goals.

A few days ago my daughter came to me in tears. She did not do well on a math test. She expected me to be upset. I told her that this was the point at which the difference between leaders and followers is clear. Leaders are strong enough to take failure and transform it into a victory. This is it – I want you to have the feeling of victory in your heart after reading all of those combinations of letters. Let it be remembered for a long time.

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 How To Connect Letters With Meaning

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  1. Great points you make about getting past failure and telling your daughter this is where leaders and followers are made.

    Succeed or Fail

  2. “Never give up”
    Absolutely Margarita! Thank you!

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  3. The experience…of a book, of a website, of a store…that is what draws people…
    Sonya Lenzo
    Sonya Lenzo recently posted..Comment on Costa Rican Medical Care Update by Annie BornMy Profile

  4. Margarita, Thanks for sharing another way to connect with people and use some covert power to do the work.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Body language of speeches
    Now go implement!
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  5. I have had to get over “failure”. If I tried something once and it didn’t work I would tend to not try again. Now I realize I can learn from what didn’t work and go on. When I think of books I really liked it is the feelings and images that I remember. I never thought of that until now.

    Wendy Schauer, Chiropractor, Author, Speaker
    Wendy Schauer recently posted..How Long Do You Want To Be Healthy?My Profile