Covert Hypnosis: Learn To Secretly Hypnotize

May 18

Covert Hypnosis: Learn To Secretly Hypnotize

Covert Hypnosis: Learn To Secretly Hypnotize


When starting to learn the skills of covert hypnosis, many people get the impression that it is not ethical, as if the whole process is doing something bad like cheating. As a result, fear arises that they might get caught. In my opinion, this is a very unhealthy attitude towards the most powerful technique for improvement.

I am positive that you have had an experience where you automatically get a positive or negative feeling about someone upon first sight of them. This happens before any words are interchanged. You even feel uncomfortable about this unjustified feeling, but this is a valid vibe. If (just a suggestion) you did use covert hypnosis in an unethical plan, people would unconsciously associate you with negative results. Always use covert hypnosis for good. I always ask myself “Is the outcome beneficial for all of the parties?” Only when the answer is “yes” can I continue the persuasion.

The truth is that people do not like to be influenced. Imagine that a friend of yours is upset and is having a bad day. You go and try to say something nice to console them, but they turn to you with the following accusation: “You are only trying to make me feel better”. Yes, of course! What is wrong with feeling better? The fact is that no matter if you are trying to persuade someone to feel better or to buy a house, they don’t want to know about it.

Out of these thoughts arises a logical question. Why influence people if they don’t want to be influenced? Well, this is life. Every day our communication with other people is about persuasion. We sometimes use covert hypnosis without realizing it. Are you guilty of yelling at your child about underperforming at school? Did you ever tell him that he is not good enough or stupid? If you had the skills of covert hypnosis you would never intentionally harm your child. I strongly believe that influencing is a natural part of everyday life, and covert hypnosis provides the skills to do so.

Covert hypnosis is performed on the subconscious level. It is not likely that you are consciously inside your head deciding which technique to use. You don’t want to interrupt the natural hypnotic flow because you would sound unnatural and robotic. Always talk naturally and allow the hypnotic patterns to flow from the unconscious mind. Once the listeners are in a trance, you can deepen your voice and set a hypnotic trigger. The latter will put them into a trance whenever used.

Being caught in doing covert hypnosis is an ironic idea. By definition, hypnosis states that the conscious mind is out of the picture. Make sure you follow the rules of using covert hypnosis – stories, conversational devises, linguistic patterns, and rapport techniques. In reality, covert hypnosis is not something “you do”. You cannot think about how to do it. It becomes a part of who you are. This gives you the mastery to be able to move people to where they want to be.

The only way to become a master persuader is to get out there and enjoy doing it. As persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell likes to say: “Now go implement!”

The secrets of the working of the human mind are infinite. Learn the Most Closely Guarded Communication Secrets of Covert Hypnosis with Kevin Hogan, Psy.D. Become a master influential unconscious persuader!


Covert Hypnosis: Learn To Secretly Hypnotize


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  1. How long does it take to learn the basics and start getting results?
    Memorias USB Lima Perú

  2. Lyle R. Johnson - The Sales Wizard /

    Good point about unconsciously using Covert Hypnosis in improper manner … with children, thus creating the basis for Negative Self-Talk.

    Lyle R. Johnson – aka The “Wiz”

    Question the Sales Question

  3. The best program out there for covert hypnosys.

    Sales Expert

  4. Hi Margarita,
    Can you do hypnosis with a smile?
    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Would you like to understand about caregiving depression?
    Annie Born recently posted..First Signs of Caregiver Depression Part 3My Profile

  5. I’ve never understood the mentality of those who say “stop trying to cheer me up!” I often like to tell them “Ok, great! Let’s go be miserable all day. That’ll be great fun, won’t it? It’ll be just like going to work but not getting paid for it!” That usually helps snap them out of it. :)

    The Three Stooges

  6. I am familiar with hypnosis but covert hypnosis is very new to me. I will have to read up on what it means to influence people without them knowing it.

    Wendy Schauer: Author, Speaker, Chiropractor, Kettlebell Trainer
    Kettlebells and Functional Movement recently posted..Interview With Dave Werner, RKC and Owner of CrossFit SeattleMy Profile

  7. this is a conversation that would be best to do in person with a glass of wine!

  8. I had to smile at your question, “What is wrong with feeling better?” I know people who revel in their misery and I avoid them.

    I think you are right in that influence is a natural part of life. A skill I need to work on.

    Helping You With Caring For Your Elderly Parents
    Suzanne Laramore recently posted..Infection Control Part 1 – The Chain of InfectionMy Profile

  9. Margarita, covert hypnosis is an effective way to get people to do what you want. Its just a good idea to use these “powers” with caution and respect.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Body language of disagreement
    Now go implement!
    Body language of agreement recently posted..Body language of yes or noMy Profile