Covert Hypnosis: How To Keep Eye Contact

May 25

Covert Hypnosis: How To Keep Eye Contact

Covert Hypnosis: How To Keep Eye Contact


Eyes are used to demonstrate authority. In the case of gorillas, only the dominant male is allowed to stare at other members of the tribe. Through staring, the leader establishes his superior position over the group. The same is true for humans: leaders stare while subordinates look away. As children, we were taught that staring is rude and impolite. We learned well. Now we have to unlearn this submissive behavior. In order to be perceived as an authority figure we must be able to hold eye contact.

Here is an “authority building” exercise. Start staring at strangers. Be brave and do not shift your gaze. In the beginning it feels painfully uncomfortable, but with practice you’ll grow comfortable doing it. While walking in the park or grocery shopping, catch the eye of a person and hold your gaze. People will react differently: some will not pay attention, others will look away, and others will stare back at you. It is not relevant. Remember your goal: do not break eye contact.

Once you start feeling comfortable with staring at strangers (I hope you did not get in trouble), you can continue experimenting with friends and coworkers. This time, since you’ll be in closer proximity to them, you have to stare at their third eye between the eyebrows. You can hold a regular conversation, but keep the stare steady. Do not shift your eyes back and forth. Try to hold the intensity and imagine seeing the back of their skull. The perfect intensity is reached when they start feeling uncomfortable and looking away. Wow!

Eye contact gives more self-confidence to both participants in the conversation. If you look away, you make the other person feel uneasy and unsure of himself. The simple act of maintaining eye contact is the first step towards persuading others.

Here is a secret technique that you can use when on a date. You can make partner express their feelings without holding anything back. Start by giving plenty of eye contact. This makes them feel special because you are interested. Later, ask a sensitive question, such as one regarding marriage. Then, immediately break eye contact and look down (at your plate or fingernails). Do not look back at their eyes. They will feel as if they’ve lost a connection with you and will try to regain it by speaking more honestly about their intentions and feelings. Now you can reestablish eye contact to encourage them to say more. Good job!

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Covert Hypnosis: How To Keep Eye Contact


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  1. Interesting way to build selfconfidence and also become a magnet of good conversation.
    Merchandising Perú
    Regalos Publicitarios Perú recently posted..Chaquetas Softshell por MayorMy Profile

  2. Hi Margarita,
    Connected very interesting! Love it!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Help I’m a Caregiver?
    Annie Born recently posted..I Have A Dream 2 of 4My Profile

  3. A worthy skill to master..though I’m curious…would the open, unwavering, eye contact be taken for a sign of aggression and challenge?
    Be Well.
    Covert Hypnosis Online recently posted..Bringing ORDER……….My Profile

  4. So eye contact is like a grappling hook? Once you throw it, and it hooks, the two people are “connected” and once you break eye contact, it falls away? Would that be a good way to describe Eye Contact?

    Mark Hogan
    Kevin Hogan recently posted..Motivational Speaker’s Greatest Resource?My Profile

  5. Margarita, eye contact is an important aspect of communication whether or not hypnosis is involved.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Body language of shoulder shrugs
    Now go implement!
    Understanding body language recently posted..Body language of shoulder shrugsMy Profile

  6. As you said, we are taught not to stare when we are kids so not breaking eye contact would take practice. Nice technique to get someone to express their true feelings.

    Wendy Schauer, Author, Speaker, Chiropractor, Kettlebell Trainer
    Wendy Schauer recently posted..My Recent InterviewMy Profile

  7. Interesting technique at the end of the post.
    I also find that when I’m dead intent on accomplishing something and getting my way no matter what, I make intense eye contact and never break it. Think I learned that in the military but they used it more for making people yield to your will power.

    Thorne Smith and The Three Stooges

  8. Hi Margarita,

    Using eye contact to connect is such an important part of when people first meet F2F in person while dating or for business meetings.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    DeCode Reading Body Language of Women Finger Nails
    Ways You Ruin Your First Date recently posted..SoCal Single Scene Christian Dating OCSingles4Christ May BBQMy Profile

  9. That secret you shared for getting people to express their true feelings is powerful stuff!

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    Oil spills – the facts
    Clare Delaney recently posted..Oil Spill CauseMy Profile