Covert Hypnosis: Do You Deserve Pizza?

May 30

Covert Hypnosis: Do You Deserve Pizza?

Covert Hypnosis: Do You Deserve Pizza?

Do you want to understand some cool things about yourself? Why do you sometimes do things that are exactly the opposite of what you should do? I want to make it real for you by providing three examples.

  1. I went to a seminar. If you are serious about self-development, then I bet you’ve attended a few of those. Great experience! You meet people, have a great time, and spend a lot of money. Ha! I know that before the seminar you promised yourself not to do this and be careful about expenses. If only you were in control… Here is what I bet happened. There was this guy, excellent persuader and speaker. He spoke for more than two hours to convince you that he (the speaker) and you are absolutely alike. He was joking that some people wanted to touch him for luck because he was a billionaire. He went to explain that everyone can be a billionaire. Then he told you that in order to speed up the process of becoming a billionaire, you should go to the back of the room and buy his “unique and effective” program. Soon, you would be able to afford anything you want. It doesn’t matter if you end up a few thousand dollars in debt. What did you just do, then?
  2. I go to the gym regularly. This is my everyday routine. Saturdays are a bit different, though. We all go together – me and my daughter and my husband. After the workout, we go to Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds.  There I order pancakes and a medium coffee. My mind says to me “Oh, well, you worked out hard, burned about 600 calories and now you deserve a break. You deserve to eat junk food.” I am so very careful what I eat, but every Saturday I get into this “deserving mode” and ruin all of my accomplishments for the week. This is the reason that I have never lost even a pound at the gym. Why do I do it?
  3. I work at a tax office. I am absolutely confused by how my clients deal with money. While at my desk, they have an opportunity to open an IRA account (Individual Retirement Arrangement). One of my goals is to convince them that opening an IRA account is good for their future savings. The tax benefits are great. If it is a traditional IRA, they do not pay taxes now (they pay later, which to me isn’t a benefit), and in a case of a ROTH IRA, the money grows tax free (no taxable interest – a self-directed ROTH is a cool thing to know and have). After finishing the tax return, clients often go for the more expensive option of “paying later.” Next year when I see the same clients, they’ve already taken the money out of the IRA and have ended up with a 10% penalty. What did they do?

When we start making progress towards a goal, the false perception of achievement triggers the illusion that we have already accomplished what we set out to do. As a result we start making decisions from this false place. It means that if you convince someone that they are doing great (even if it is not the case) and already a successful (whatever it might be), you can convince them to take action from the newly perceived position. It is a two sided edge that can be used either way. Persuasion becomes much easier.

Conclusion: The perception of making progress toward a goal triggers the illusion of false resources. Then it is easier to take action on something else requiring those resources. This only paragraph will save you a lot of disappointment (and money). The perception of moving towards a goal causes people to do exactly the opposite of the goal.

Where can you learn more? Just pick up your copy of “Covert Hypnosis” by Kevin Hogan, Psy.D. and your life will take a new direction. Become a master influential unconscious persuader! You will always know why you do what you do.


Covert Hypnosis: Do You Deserve Pizza?


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  1. Great article – all so very true!
    Clare Delaney recently posted..Book Review American GrownMy Profile

  2. You explained that perfectly! I’ve been guilty of this and didn’t even realize it.

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    Suzanne Laramore recently posted..12 Do’s and Don’t’s For Doctor’s VisitsMy Profile

  3. Hi Margarita,
    Wow! I always learn so much when I visit your site.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Caregiver Strength?
    Annie @ Care for the Caregiver recently posted..3. Caregiver Strength ProtectionMy Profile

  4. This is a very interesting concept that I never considered before: progressing toward a goal while actually regressing. Thank you for sharing. It has certainly widened my perspective of goal achievement.

  5. George /

    Sound interesting. I will get a copy. Thanks for the information.