Covert Hypnosis: 3 Magic Word Patterns

May 14

Covert Hypnosis: 3 Magic Word Patterns

Covert Hypnosis: 3 Magic Word Patterns


When we speak we usually address the conscious mind of the listener. In some cases, when we need to persuade the listener into our way of thinking (for example, selling something or arguing with our child) it is handy to know some basic word patterns. These will speak to their unconscious mind. Let us begin:

  1. Layered Command. If you command your child to clean his room, chances are that it is not going to happen. In addition, if you ask him to take out the garbage, chances are very slim.  However, if you combine both commands together, there is a 98% chance that it will be done. “Clean you room AND make sure you take the garbage out” will cause your son or daughter to obey. The word AND joins both commands and as a result there is an information overflow. When they are about to say “no” to the first command, they are attacked by the second command. Confusion arises which prevents resistance. As a result, we get a “yes”. Remember the formula: Command + and + Command.
  2. The trailing “OR”. When someone asks a question: “Do you want a glass of water?” you answer with “yes” or “no”. You have the decision in your hands. If the answer does not matter, it is OK. Imagine someone asks you the question, “would you mind if I use your pen, or…?” You will answer with 100% certainty, “No, go ahead, use it! I don’t mind at all!” Remember, when you were a child, you used to play the telephone game. When you whispered in your friend’s ear, four kinds of communication happened: what you were thinking – what you were saying – what he was hearing – what he thought was hearing. Politicians are masters at speaking straight to people’s unconscious minds. When you ask “Would you mind if I use your pen, or…?”, the listener’s mind completes the sentence. In his mind, he says “…no, go ahead!”.
  3. The power of “because”. People always search for cause and effect in any observable event. If you hear a sound, the first reaction is to look around you to find the source of it. Your brain is programmed to use this cause-effect pattern to perceive reality. Try it for yourself. Go to a busy grocery store and ask the people waiting in line a few questions. Try asking “I need to go in front of you.” (They will look at you as if you were crazy. They will not let you do it). Then try asking “I need to go in front of you because I am in a hurry.” When you add “because”, it triggers the cause-effect response. People usually comply with your request. Also you can try asking “I need to go in front of you because I need to go in front of you.” You will be surprised how many people will comply with this nonsense request.

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Covert Hypnosis: 3 Magic Word Patterns


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  1. I liked that part about the overload..very true.
    Be Well

  2. I’ll definitely have to try that layered command in the very near future.

    MGM Films

  3. Lyle R. Johnson - The Sales Wizard /

    Absolutely, great patterns for use in sales. “You need to write your name here because you want this.”

    Lyle R. Johnson

    Sales Access to Non-Conscious
    Lyle R. Johnson – The Sales Wizard recently posted..ACCESSING the NON-CONSCIOUS IMy Profile

  4. I find #2 very interesting because it’s a technique I use. I’ve never read anything about it, so I guess I just picked it up somewhere and kept doing it because it’s effective. :)

    Cherie Miranda
    When To Meditate

  5. I am supposing that these covert methods take some practice???
    Sonya Lenzo
    Sonya Lenzo recently posted..Comment on Costa Rican Cultural Events by Michael D WalkerMy Profile

  6. Hi Margarita,

    I like the use of layered commands applied in all areas of influence and persuasion from business presentations to asking a girl out on date.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Where to Mingle Quality Singles

  7. thanks for the layered command – i wish i had know that 20 years ago!

  8. Those 3 magic word patterns are very interesting. I have to try this.

    Elderly Parents: Have They Made Their Advanced Directives?
    Suzanne Laramore recently posted..The QuestionMy Profile

  9. Joint commands with kids sometimes are difficult, with other kids is better the because strategy. We just need to know which is better with who. Thanks again Margarita.
    Lapiceros Cross

  10. margarita, when used the right way the 3 magic words do really help with the covert hypnosis sets.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Body language of blinking
    Now go implement!
    Body language of lying recently posted..body language of blinkingMy Profile

  11. What happens when you use the trailing OR and they don’t respond? Wouldn’t that be very awkward? I suppose you would have to know your situation and how to use it.

    With Passion & Conviction,

    Author, Speaker, Chiropractor, Kettlebell Trainer
    Who Inspires You? recently posted..Inspirationator Kathy IrelandMy Profile