Can You Teach Me To Become?

May 27

Can You Teach Me To Become?

Can you teach me to become?

We all have a desire to stand out and be different. For example, you see someone being a successful businessman, and you want to be just like him. You see a great athlete winning an Olympic gold medal, and you want to be him. You see a great speaker telling a heart-breaking story, overcoming some obstacles and you want to have those obstacles yourself in order to be able to tell that story. You see a famous singer, and you want that fame. You want it all.

Now you need a mentor. You are sure that they can teach you their skills. Can a great actress teach you great acting skills? Can a successful businessman teach you how to create and run successful businesses? Can a great football player become a successful coach? Obviously they have the skills, but can they give their skills to you? Do their skills apply to your situation?

We are not talking about skills in a certain area. The extraordinary achievements are a combination of many skills. For example, a basketball champion won because of his physical abilities, intelligent playing skills, regular meditation and effective time management (he had a planner). So a combination of different talents can produce certain results. Do you think he (the champion) knows what caused his success? Not necessarily. If these successful people don’t know the recipe, then they cannot teach you. They do not have the ability to give you anything because they don’t know what it is. Their success was caused by something that was beneath their conscious awareness.

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On the other hand, can someone who is not a great speaker teach you to become a great speaker? Can someone who cannot do the actions himself, but knows what exactly what is to be done, mentor you? Sometimes great coaches are not good players (and vice verse). Do you think that someone who is poor can teach you how to become rich? Can you imagine that they do not know for themselves but they know exactly what it takes for you to become wealthy?

Are you going to have an excellent coach who is not successful? Perhaps? Express your opinion in a comment below…

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Can You Teach Me To Become?


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  1. AS I have recently discovered, there is nothing more valuable than a knowledgeable person who knows how to teach and will guide you.

    Aquisition is a great product by the way. I just started my 2nd round on the cd’s.

    Fall Prevention: Some Really Useful Equipment
    Suzanne Laramore recently posted..12 Do’s and Don’t’s For Doctor’s VisitsMy Profile

  2. Lyle R. Johnson - THe Sales Wizard /

    THe ability to transfer skills / knowledge is the critical component … excellence at the skill itself is not a requirement.

    Lyle R. Johnson – aka The Sales Wizard

    Sales Training Mind Set

  3. I can’t say enough about the value of having a mentor even if I pick and choose which advice I follow. :)

    Part of my job is coaching/mentoring. As Zig Ziglar says “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Or something like that.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Fat Loss and Fitness 101
    Sabrina recently posted..Fitness Advice from a HairstylistMy Profile

  4. A great coach or mentor is fair more impressive than a single athlete…they can teach the skills to many!
    Sonya Lenzo
    Sonya Lenzo recently posted..Costa Rican Medical Care UpdateMy Profile

  5. Most of “doing” is completely unconscious. If you ask a golfer to think about every step of his downstroke, he will almost NEVER hit his target, whereas if you just let him DO it, nearly every time he gets results. Comparatively, if you ask Tiger Wood’s coach to do the same thing, he is probably an above-average player, but he probably isn’t competing in the tournaments that Tiger is.

    Mark hogan
    Kevin Hogan recently posted..Motivational Speaker’s Greatest Resource?My Profile

  6. teaching how to do something is very different than knowing how to do something – both are amazing when done well!

  7. Just because a person has excelled in something doesn’t mean they can coach you to excel. Just as you said, not everyone is able to break the steps down they took to get to the top. I am impressed with those who can.

    Wendy Schauer, Chiropractor, Author, Speaker
    Wendy Schauer recently posted..My Recent InterviewMy Profile