Body Language: How To Predict People’s Behavior

May 21

Body Language: How To Predict People’s Behavior

Body Language: How To Predict People’s Behavior


People react unconsciously to different situations. The problem is that each person has different physiological changes. They are called “unconscious visible responses,” as explained by Genie LaBorde in her book “Influencing with integrity”. People are not aware of producing these responses. A skilled body language expert can always tell if someone is lying. In poker, these signals are called exactly that: “tells”. The subtle changes can be detected in skin color, facial muscles, movement of the lower lip, and breathing.

Often, especially for the untrained observer, it is difficult to spot these characteristics at all, let alone to look for changes occurring in them. The best way to start is through practice. You can get your motivation by knowing the significance of these reliable guides to the person’s inner state of mind. The easiest way to start is by observing a friend. Start in the following order:

  1. Skin color observation. Devote yourself to observing people and paying attention to the different nuances of color. There are different shades of blue, brown and pink that can be picked up from human faces. Sometimes colors are brighter or duller depending on different moods and emotions. Notice the color of your friend’s skin before talking to him. Then, discuss a pleasant encounter or a happy event. Notice the color of the tip of his nose (usually it turns red). Then tell him something not very nice and embarrassing and note where changes occur.  Usually you can observe blushing cheeks or overall redness.
  2. Facial muscles and lower lip. Changes occur in the area near the jawbone and the nostrils (flared when upset). Changes are observed in the eyebrows, forehead, and lower lip. People cannot consciously control the lower lip movement hence it is a true sign of the inner state. It changes color, shape, and size in relation to the subject discussed. Employ the same approach when provoking good or bad memories with your friend. Take “before and after” mental pictures of all changes observed. Next time, you can predict his thoughts before he opens his mouth.
  3. Breathing patterns. It seems easy but it is the most challenging exercise. The obvious reason is that we do not notice when people breathe. If clothing is in the way of your observation, pay attention to the shoulders and the neck. Even if you cannot observe the breathing, you know for sure that they are breathing. If you have difficulty with your observation, adjust your strategy and try again. I like the following saying: “If you cannot see something it does not mean that it is not there”. Start noticing the change in the rhythm, which constitutes a change in the inner state of mind.  After this preparation, start asking questions and mentally note how it changes their breathing.

After these training exercises, ask your friend a question and try to guess the answer before he responds. You should do well (you trained hard). It is fascinating to be able to see what appears to be hidden to others.

Learn how to “speed-read” people, look for revealing behaviors, and avoid hidden pitfalls with body language recognized global expert and analyst, Kevin Hogan.


Body Language: How To Predict People's Behavior

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  1. It’s amazing what you can pick up on just by picking an idea or a specific to focus on for the day and then simply NOTICE as you go through your routine.
    Be Well.

  2. Great information…most peopel miss the breathing patterns…

    Sales Expert
    bryan recently posted..Sunday QuoteMy Profile

  3. That is really very useful information! I shall try this out. You make reading body language fun and accessible!

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  4. How many months/years does it take to get really good at reading body language? I find it very fascinating.

    Wendy Schauer: Author, Speaker, Chiropractor, Kettlebell Trainer
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  5. Lyle R. Johnson - THe Sales Wizard /

    Breathing synchronization is great aid in achieving rapport.

    Lyle R. Johnson – aka The Sales Wizard

    Verifying Sales Response with Eye Patterns

  6. When you dont know the person to read is much difficult, so I trust my gut, instead of reading micro expressions. OCtavio
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  7. I didn’t realize that people can’t consciously control their bottom lip movement. What does that indicate (other than about to cry)?

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  8. These areas, skin color, and breathing, are not ones that \i had paid particular attention to before!
    Sunny Carlson
    Sonya Lenzo recently posted..Comment on Costa Rica Comfortable Adventure by SunnyMarieMy Profile

  9. “If you cannot see something it does not mean that it is not there” – it just means you are unaware of it – we all see so very, very little.

  10. Annie Born /

    Hi Margarita,
    Great Information!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!
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