Body Language: How To Master The Belly Button Rule

Apr 19

Body Language: How To Master The Belly Button Rule

We all speak different languages. There are verbal languages for verbal communication. They affect our perception of the world because if there is no word for something in one language, we are not aware of it. There are also nonverbal ways of communication. They are two different types – body language and gestures. They are not necessarily the same.

Knowing how to read body language can give you the power to read and influence others without speaking their language. I recently read about the Belly Button Rule and what it can reveal about what we think and feel. Mainly, it is an indicator about whether someone is lying or uncomfortable in a given situation.

The belly button is a representation of our first interaction with another human being – our mother. Through many tests and studies more than 350 meanings for different poses were discovered. Obviously, we cannot discuss them all. The four main meanings are approach, withdrawal, expansion and contraction.

Here is an example. At a business meeting, all of the participants listen to the leader (or speaker). Some of them, however, face their belly buttons toward a female colleague or toward the door. It means that they are not loyal to the speaker, or at least not interested in the message.

I am very curious if my teenage daughter is always telling me the truth. When I am asking a question and her belly button faces one direction, but the eyes rapidly jump from one object to another, I take note. Something is not right. If she is lying, her belly button will point to the exit. If I want an open and close communication, I have to align my belly button with hers and translate love and respect.

There is a way to influence others. Make sure you are aligned, especially when you shake hands. This way you make people feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence. If you face away from someone, it means the “cold shoulder” and provides you with a means of escape.

Mastering the belly button rule is a very powerful body language tool. There are some exercises that help to master it. I find the one called Baseline Belly Buttons very helpful. Observe three or more people and analyze their messages when interacting with each other. Going through some old photos from your family album and practicing the same observation would be a good practice.

It is always more important what people do rather than what they say when confronted directly.
Here is short video by body language expert Kevin Hogan.
YouTube Preview Image

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  1. I have never thought of the belly button in that way…

    Sales Expert
    Bryan recently posted..How Long Will You Be Relavant?My Profile

  2. I have never met a belly button I didn’t like!
    Shane Aric recently posted..Are You Pissed Off Yet?!!My Profile

  3. Wow the belly button rule!
    Thank you! You share so much amazing info!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Annie Born recently posted..
    Caregiver Stress Part 3My Profile

  4. Clare Delaney /

    I shall remember – and look out for – the belly button rule from now on, thanks!

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  5. Lyle R. Johnson /

    New rule to me … Thanks

    Lyle R. Johnson recently posted..READY, FIRE, AIM (Plan, Present, Prepare)My Profile

  6. Hi Margarita!
    very interesting article!
    I also read the comments and remembered that when I live in Greece it shocked me the way they said no, they lift their head! I was so confused until I found out that that meant a no!

    Hipnosis como Terapia
    Eva Palmer recently posted..Hipnosis: verdades y mentirasMy Profile

  7. Hi Margarita,

    Excellent reminders to manage the belly button for body language mastery. How singles present themselves and use their body language flirting on a first date can make it or break it.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Singles Dating Workshops Los Angeles

  8. I’d heard of the belly button rule but have always wondered how that can be interpreted when you may not be seated in a position that allows the belly button to face the person speaking.

    Topper Remake
    Michael D Walker recently posted..Topper RemakeMy Profile

  9. I’m going to pay attention to that with my next interaction with my daughter.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Be Well.

  10. The belly button is a representation of our first interaction with another human being – that’s a unique way of looking at the belly button! – does it matter if it’s an innie or an outie? ;>)

  11. Can body language have some different variances in world cultures because of certain customs and rituals?

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    G.E. Moon II
    Discover The 7 Steps To Amazing Health

    • margarita /

      Yes, first that comes to mind: Did you know that shaking your head up and down means “yes” in Bulgaria? I am going there in June. It will take me a week to go to normal. Then another week to the other normal when I come back here. :)

  12. This is great information! I wasn’t familiar with the belly button rule.


    Cherie Miranda
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