Body Language: Honest Feet

Apr 26

Body Language:  Honest Feet

The Secret Body Language Of Feet

It is important to examine the human body and understand what it tells us. Usually when we want to assess a situation, we start with the face, but the problem is that from an early age we are taught to hide what we feel. We know how to put on a mask. Do you remember your mom saying: “Do not make this face”? In some cultures hiding emotions is a social norm. For example, people of Eastern cultures – China or Japan—know how to smile even when they think something negative. The social mask is a requirement, but there is no mask for the feet.

The feet are controlled by our limbic brain, which is responsible for assuring our survival. If we go on the roof of a tall building or visit Niagara Falls, we feel the limbic brain taking control. It will not let us near something that might be dangerous. It might let us look over the edge, but the feet will stay a little further back.

Another example from daily life is when observing a couple. If the feet touch, then the relationship is good. In many marriages, spouses sleep in one bed, but they do not allow their feet to even go near each other. This is an indicator of a very bad relationship.

When involved in a conversation with a friend and another person joins in, you greet the third person. But if your feet do not turn to point towards the new person, he is not invited in the conversation. People with insufficient social skills might not be able to recognize the message of this type of body language.

Often in a courtship situation, the guy may wonder if he is liked or not. If during a conversation a woman is dangling her shoe from the tips of her toes, it is an indicator that she feels comfortable around the man. He is being liked. If someone walks into the room, she immediately puts the shoe back on.

Another example of feet conveying emotions is when you tell your children that you are going to take them somewhere fun, like Universal or Disney. Typically, children respond by lifting a foot (or feet, if excited enough to jump) in the air, which is commonly called “happy feet”. When feet defy gravity, we convey positive emotions.

Feet can reveal intentions. If your friend’s feet point towards the door, he is not interested in being with you.  Being socially polite, perhaps, but he wants out.

Feet are just the beginning, however. Legs are a different story, which we’ll discuss in the next post.

Become an savvy observer and learn with the body language expert and analyst Kevin Hogan.




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  1. Very interesting. I’ll be paying attention.
    Be Well.

  2. Eva Palmer /

    Hi Margarita!
    I did not know that the feet could tell so much about the feelings of a person!
    Does it mean anything if you cross them??

    Dejar de fumar sin Ansiedad y sin Engordar

  3. Annie Born /

    Wow Margarita,
    Even Feet to watch! Another interesting post!
    Looking forward to tomorrow 
    Do you suffer from caregiver stress?
    Annie Born recently posted..Caregiver Stress part 10My Profile

  4. The feet is one part of the body I would not look…what a great idea…
    Bryan recently posted..2012 NFL DraftMy Profile

  5. Lyle R. Johnson: The Sales Wizard & Mentor /

    Feet – absolutely. When having a sales conversation with a group, the feet (of the group) will direct you to the true power / decision maker.
    Lyle R. Johnson: The Sales Wizard & Mentor recently posted..ARE YOU TELLING or SELLING? (A Review of Customer Orientation / Focus)My Profile

  6. There is no mask for feet. What a very revealing comment about a very revealing part of understanding body language.
    Sonya Lenzo
    Sonya Lenzo recently posted..San Ramon…do you want to fly????My Profile

  7. Always learn something here… I will have to start honing my feet perceptions!

    Local Musician Mastermind
    Musician Profit Systems recently posted..Local Bands Clubs Bars Gigs and ShowsMy Profile

  8. Margarita,
    Have you ever watched the body language of police officers when stopping a luxury car VS a regular car?
    Pendrives Publicitarios

  9. I never thought about feet as a clue to body language in these instances. I dated someone for years who would rub his feet together completely unconsciously when he was stressed or anxious about something. It drove me crazy!

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Fat Loss and Fitness 101
    Sabrina recently posted..And Now, A Musical InterruptionMy Profile

  10. happy feet – much better than feet pointing away from you!

  11. Margarita,
    That is some very interesting and useful information on the position of feet. Thank you!
    Medications, Alcohol, and the Elderly
    Suzanne Laramore recently posted..Elderly, Medication and AlcoholMy Profile

  12. After reading the body language of feet…I’m excited to learn about the body language of hands.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy
    Back Pain And Kettlebells
    Happy New You recently posted..Lower Back PainMy Profile

  13. I had no idea that feet could play such an important role in reading body language. Thank you for this wonderful insight.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II
    Vitamins Enzymes Supplements For You And Your Family
    Learn Deliberate Breathing recently posted..Interview With Law Of Attraction Expert Bob Doyle From Wealth Beyond ReasonMy Profile